Alva Dariana

Caustic 1st Officer of the Somber Deed


Lean muscles etched and inked with a mix of symbols honoring her ancient heritage and criminal deeds, portray the image of a nimble and capable warrior of very few scruples. Blades notched from frequent use hang from each hip and sway gently with her stride. Auburn locks tinged with vibrant red, betraying a hint of the fire within, are braided and tied into a high ponytail.

Soft footed, even for her kind, many find themselves startled by her voice as it rises from an area previously believed vacant. She rarely expends the effort to conceal her enjoyment of this power over others. Those under her command have a saying; “There’s no use watching your back, Alva’s already there.”

Crass and cocky by nature, she nonetheless has demonstrated an ability to adopt a more reserved, almost calm demeanor, assuming it becomes useful to do so.

She favors revealing attire, and is not shy about using others’ attraction to her as an advantage in her dealings.


Alva Dariana

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