A halfling is a short humanoid and the smallest of the civilized races of Golarion. They tend to be around three feet tall, though mostly human in proportion, with perhaps rounder heads and slightly more childlike proportions. Their coloration is as variable as the locales they call home. Their skin tends to be somewhere between a rich almond color and a pale nut-brown. Many have brown hair, though quite a large proportion of them are as fair as the Ulfen. The eyes of halflings tend to be fair, with green and blue being the most common colors. Many, though not all, have variations in color that make them seem more similar to other humanoids, typically humans, who live in the region they share. All halflings have very durable feet, the soles of which are very tough. As such, they rarely wear shoes, though some wear ‘spats’. Halflings have a fine growth of soft, warm hair on the tops of their feet to keep them warm.

Sexual dimorphism in halflings is similar to that in humans, with males being slightly larger and heavier, though many of the larger races do not notice this difference which seems much more obvious to the small folk. Males generally only grow facial hair as sideburns, and tend to be a good two to three inches taller. Females are slimmer and shorter, appearing much like a human woman of half size, though both sexes typically have pleasant round faces, and big cheery smiles.

Halflings stand 3 feet tall on average, making it easier for them to go unnoticed. They have slim builds appropriate to their height, with dexterous hands and thick-soled feet. Their skin tone ranges from ivory to medium brown, always with a warm, golden cast. Most halflings have light brown or hazel eyes, but darker brown, green, and blue eyes are not uncommon. Halflings are justifiably proud of the thick, glossy hair that grows on their heads and the tops of their feet. They usually have medium brown to golden-blonde hair, styled in a fashion common to the area in which they currently live. Some even tint their hair with plant dyes to match the hair tones of the humans native to the area. Those halflings who travel and seek the adventuring lifestyle often display remarkable athleticism.

Their bodies are agile, their movements quick and sure. Those who make more permanent homes in cities still display these traits, but often hidden beneath a comfortable paunch. On average, halflings live slightly longer lives than humans do, though not nearly as long as other races. This may explain why humans and halflings live so well together, as their lifespans are not shockingly different. A halfling servant may work with the same human family for more than a human generation, but not more than two.


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