[PC] Indragi "Moon Dog" Perthiphus

Reticent shipwright and Disciple of Brigh


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Indragi was born in a small trading village named Sirathu along the Yondabakarl River. When she was young her mother claimed that her father was a sailor from a large merchant vessel that passed through regularly years ago, and often spoke of their meeting. She didn’t realize he wasn’t human until after Indragi was born. The ship was attacked (there are conflicting reports of by what/who) and sank, apparently with no survivors before Indragi’s first birthday. Her mother took to a wasting sickness and died two weeks after her 12th birthday.

Her mother had taken great pains to hide what Indragi was, which was difficult given her very obvious demonic mutations, but she would file her horns down and braid her hair over them so no-one could see, and always wore long, layered dresses to hide her tail and feet. People could usually tell she wasn’t human but typically didn’t think much of it.

After her mother passed she was taken to an orphanage run by an eccentric old tinkerer. He was a kind man, and seeing Indragi’s unwillingness to interact with the other children, took her under his wing. Shortly thereafter they discovered her innate talent for tinkering and inventing, and she Developed a hobby of inventing tiny clockwork beasts that gradually became more complex as she took to studying mechanics, magic and biology.

Indragi has always had trouble identifying with other people, given her lack of species affiliation, especially as she had never met another tiefling. This disconnection with other species worsened when she was 15, and a group of young males from the city attacked and attempted to rape her by the docks. She killed them all, ripped them to shreds and might have succumbed to tasting a bit of blood, but refuses to speak on it in her adulthood. Afterward she ran back to the orphanage, her dress and hair in tatters, leaving her racial characteristics glaringly obvious. She remembers little of that night except for the headmaster finding her huddled beneath some machinery in the boiler room. He coaxed her out, lent her some of his clothes(a pair of baggy pants to hide her legs and a cloak that she has kept with her since being most notable), and began training her in combat, after revealing to her that he had once been a merchant’s bodyguard in his youth. From that day on she began dressing as a man, and stopped filing her horns. People would fear her, but that was fine. As long as they didn’t touch her.

At 18 she left the orphanage to seek her fortune. The only friend she had was the headmaster and the liquid running down her face as she said goodbye confused her, but she decided it was a valuable emotion to experience. She gained passage onto a merchant vessel and set off. On her travels she met an acolyte of Brigh, who espied her animated contraptions one day while she was trying to sell one for a meal. Indragi later suspected that the acolyte may have been Brigh herself, as the woman never removed her mask, which looked As though it could have been fused to her face, and wielded a light hammer with exceptional deadliness, and a vaguely divine air. Shortly thereafter she dedicated herself to the deity. Her current greatest aspiration is to create conscious, unified machinery.

Her greatest fears are being rendered helpless or identified as female as she has associated the gender with the perception of weakness. She fears a greater likelihood of attack were she to be identified as a feminine creature, so she takes great pains to be intimidating/confusing/odd, in the hopes that no one would think any more of it.

She would sacrifice herself to save someone she perceived as helpless, or another tiefling/female.

She holds no political affiliation, finding politics too convoluted and trivial to hold her interest.

She has never considered a mate, and thus has no idea what she would look for in one.

Adventuring fuels her desire for knowledge and helps her gain better understanding of the non-mechanical creatures around her. She has decided that she might want a friend or two.

If she could change one thing about the world it would probably have something to do with making it easier for organic material to accept mechanical modifications.

She’s also extremely insecure about her horns, the years of filing made one grow back a bit crooked, and she really appreciates symmetry.

[PC] Indragi "Moon Dog" Perthiphus

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